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Feature Offered OT, Pharmacy, Waiting Area, Canteen, Path Lab


A multisensory environment (MSE) is an environment designed to stimulate the senses through light, sound, touch and smell. Essentially, it aims to create a feeling of safety, and to provide novel sensations, with stimulation under the user’s control. It contains a collection of devices or objects such as ball pools, bubble tubes, optic fibre tail lights and musical effects in one place.

We are dealers and solution provider of Experia Wireless Multisensory Equipments in India. We take innovative approach to creating multisensory environments for all ages and abilities. Our products are used in any space, any type of premises, whether you are a special school or hospital or residential or business area we have the right solution for you to fit your needs and budget.


Our wide range of Multi-sensory products include Bubble Walls, Curtains, Qi Wireless Charging, Sensory Toys, Textile, Dexterity, Fibre Optics, Tactile Discs, Chewies, Interactive Floor System, Bubble Tubes, Wireless iRiS products, Multi-Sensory Interactive Learning Environment (M.I.L.E), Soft Play Environments, Interactive Floor Surface Multi-Projector Systems, UV and Darkroom to name a few. Our sensory rooms includes Calming Sensory Rooms, Interactive Sensory Rooms, Dark Rooms, Sensory Pools, Sensory Bathrooms, Sensory Bedrooms, Padded Rooms etc.,

Experia products are used in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Colleges, Social Care, Old Age Homes, Child Play Areas, Hostels, Sports Clubs, Swimming Pool areas, Star Hotels, Resorts, Theme Clubs, Bath rooms, Apartments, Retail Supermarkets, Airports, Railway Station, Ships, Cruises, Corporate Offices, Cinema Sets, Building, Construction to name a few areas.




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