Dr. Scholl’s Comfort & Energy Work Insoles For Men, 1 Pair, Size 8-14

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We designed Dr. Scholl’s® Comfort & Energy Work Insoles especially for people who work on their feet all day and experience discomfort and fatigue in their feet and legs.

Product Benefits

  • Superior shock absorption helps you stay more energized while you work
  • Rugged construction designed for demanding environments such as hard or uneven surfaces
  • Helps reduce muscle fatigue in feet and legs so you can stay on your feet longer
  • With reinforced arch support: firm columns provide contoured support to overworked arch area

Product Features

Extra Cushioning And Arch Support To Work Comfortably On Your Feet

1. Responsive-Wave Cushioning™

Massaging Gel® Advanced multi-layer waves in the heel and arch provide all-day shock absorption and cushioning where you need it most

2. Reinforced arch support Reinforced construction and side support help support arch as you move through your stride

3. Cooling vents

Keep feet cool and dry on the job

4. Extra forefoot cushioning

Protects the sensitive ball of foot

Why It Works

  • When you work on your feet all day, the muscles in your feet and legs can become fatigued from supporting your body and from the shock of walking on hard surfaces. This can leave you with tired, achy feet and legs and could slow you down.
  • Dr. Scholl’s® Comfort & Energy Work Insoles provide support and an extra layer of cushioning to absorb shock from working on hard surfaces, which helps reduce muscle fatigue. This helps you feel more energized throughout the day.

How To Use It


Your shoes’ current insoles are probably removable – TAKE THEM OUT FIRST.


Place insole into shoe to test for size.


If needed, trim along the outline (on top of the insole near the toes) that matches your shoe size.


Insert insole into shoe GEL SIDE DOWN.

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  1. Honest Abe

    I purchased these insoles (MENs size 8-14) because of name recognition and price. PRO: price (really can’t be beat), quality of the materials used in production of the insole are good and workmanship is good (although these insoles are very thin-read below). Sizing is good. My boots are size 12 and I had to trim them a little, about a half-inch. I assume these will fit a size 14 without alteration CON: Your feet will “slip” inside your boot. After I put these in my boots, every time I would walk down an incline my socks would slide on the slippery plastic top surface of these gel insoles and my toes would be forced against the inside toe of my boot. This started to cause blisters and sore toes. These insoles are also very thin and the “gel” cushioning is hardly noticeable. By themselves, they are NOT ENOUGH cushioning for a work boot. No way. BUT when I purchased these Dr. Scholl’s insoles my feet were sore from working all day and I needed something immediately. So rather than return them I put them in my boot first, and placed my old, original insoles on top. Wow! What a great, comfortable boot I now have. Plenty of cushioning and the original insole, which has a textured-cloth top and non-slip rubber bottom, keeps my feet from sliding inside. So, RECOMMENDATION: Use these UNDERNEATH your original insoles and you will be happy.

    Honest Abe

  2. NBA70

    Gives excellent support and pain relief in the heal if you suffer from plantar fasciitis but needed to buy other gel support to relieve the pain in the ball of my foot.


  3. vivek

    One of the best for work boots.


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