Digital High Frequency X Ray System

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Applicable on various Surgical Operations, General Surgery, Orthopedic, Thoracic, Abdominal, Spinal, Trauma, Urology, Gynecology, Gastroenterology, Bone Repairs, Cardiology & other related medical fields


  1. High power micro focus high frequency generator, optimize digital image
  2. The domestic leading level overall pulse fluoroscopy, intellective exposure control, achieve ultra-low radiation dose
  3. Multiple working modes, meet different clinical necessity
  4. Leafy and vertical shadow control, reduce soft x-ray and skin dose effectively.
  5. Imported image intensifier, digital CCD camera, provide high resolution image
  6. Two high resolution LCD monitors, ensure the quality of image
  7. The digital station is standard configured with DICOM 3.0 interface which makes it easy to connect to the internet. This system supports work list and manual registration.
  8. The work station has high-capacity digital storage function. Fluoroscopy and digital spot film can be lossless stored in digitized form, and it also has functions such as edge enhancement, multiple mirror image, gamma correction, cine loop, window width & window level, expert template and CD writer.
  9. Four-dimensional electric motor control can position accurately and move smartly. The super large body frame provides commodious diagnostic space and more comfortable operation environment. The brand-new design and idea bring you transcendental experience.
  10. 10. With dual platen human graphical operation interface, true color LCD touch screen, the operation is more intellective and convenient Dual movement control system and dual exposure feet brake can meet clinical operation to the most.



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