Cardiovit AT-2 Plus ECG and Spirometer System

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Until recently, the importance of spirometry tests for the early diagnosis of chronic obstructive lung diseases and certain cardiac diseases has been seriously underestimated. However, the ever growing number of patients suffering from pulmonary function restrictions shows clearly that a frequent examination of the pulmonary function is essential. SCHILLER was the first manufacturer to combine the two most common pulmonary function and cardiac tests in one device – the CARDIOVIT AT-2 plus with ECG and spirometry function.

Simple handling – double benefit:

  • Two tests in one device pays off
  • Both functions are controlled from the same device
  • Thanks to its low weight and handy size, the CARDIOVIT AT-2 plus can be transported very easily
  • The device distinguishes itself through its absolute reliability
  • With the integrated high-resolution printer, you can obtain reports in A4 format, in unequalled quality and ready-to-file
  • You get printouts including diagnosis and measuring values in less than 20 seconds
  • Integrated accumulator
  • Enlarged printouts and an unlimited number of copies can be obtained
  • The alphanumeric, waterresistant keyboard with function keys allows easy and quick patient data entries
  • Storage of more than 60 recordings (option)
  • Data can be transferred to a PC


Internationally renowned ECG technology:

  • 6 channel real-time printout at 5, 25 or 50 mm/s
  • Automatic 6 /12 channel printout on one or two pages
  • Quick and reliable PC based interpretation and measurement program for adult and children ECGs
  • No need to repeat ECG recordings since the quality of the waveforms is optimised by the SCHILLER smoothing and baseline filters
  • Save time and paper by simply monitoring all 12 leads on the integrated 3 channel screen


Fulfilling highest spirometry standards:

  • Thanks to the SP-250 sensor with its unique disposable mouthpiece, the risk of cross contamination is eliminated
  • Small and light sensor • Simple and quick calibration
  • Inspiratory and expiratory pulmonary function tests: FVC, SVC, MV, MVV as well as pre/post medication tests
  • Several norm value tables can be selected as needed • Visual support due to real-time graphics and display of the measured values on the screen
  • Warranty and service provided anywhere in India




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