BMC Humidifier for CPAP and BiPAP

SKU: MP36989

The BMC Humidifier is an essential accessory for the CPAP and BIPAP machines. It is widely used to humidify the air intake for the patient for a pleasurable respiratory experience. Comfortable to adjust the humdification levels in 5 steps, the accesssory is equipped with water intake capabiity of 350mL, which is sufficient for a whole night of OSA therapy.

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Brand Name: : BMC
Pressure Range: : 4-30 cmH2O
Material: : Compound Material
Type: : GII Humidifier
Manufacturer: : BMC Medical Co., Ltd.
Function: : Humidification Air
Material: : Compound Material
Color: : Grey & Black
Applicable Models: : RESmart GII Series of CPAP and BiPAP