Bacterial/Viral ventilation filters

SKU: MP33884

Electrostatic bacterial and viral filters to protect the patient from airborne microorganisms that may be present in inhaled
air. It also safe-guards the ventilator and its breathing system from patient exhaled airborne microorganisms which helps
reduce the risk of possible cross-infections.

  • Individually packed and ready to use
  • – Designed for breathing circuits and devices
  • – Lightweight – Low tractive force on connection
  • – Biocompatible material
  • – Transparent casing – allows easy inspection of blockages
  • – Low dead space – minimizes threat of rebreathing
  • – High quality filtration media with proven efficiency
  • – Low flow resistance
  • – ISO connectors
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    Technical parameters Adult (Code: 2120) Paediatric (Code: 2220)
    Filtration efficiency (Bacterial and Viral) >99.999% >99.999%
    Mode of filtration electrostatic electrostatic
    Tidal volume 250-1000 ml 75-250 ml
    Flow resistance <0.3kpa @60 LPM <0.2kpa @20 LPM
    Dead space <52 ml <25 ml
    Connectors 22M/15F, 15M/22F 15F/22M, 15M
    Weight <30g <20g
    Luer lock port for CO2 sampling Yes Yes