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Air Liquide Orion Critical Care Ventilator

SKU: MP20451

Orion is an entry-level critical care respirator which is suitable for adult to paediatric patients, for invasive and non-invasive ventilation in all ICUs and in emergency rooms. Orion is a microprocessor-controlled, software-driven ventilator. It meets the expectation in terms of versatility and reliability.

Invasive Ventilation Product Orion Picture (ALMS – India)

Orion has spontaneous mode with pressure support suitable for weaning. The pressure support and PEEP can be combined in all the modes from SIMV. It is operated with a single knob to set the various modes, parameters and alarm levels and then validated with a touch-button switch to validate the settings.

Product Features

  • Advanced Mode
  • Standard modes as well as advanced modes of invasive ventilation to treat challenging conditions. Non-Invasive ventilation (NIV) is a standard feature in Orion.
  • The backup ventilation in all spontaneous modes ensures patient safety. P-SIMV, which is a combination of PCV and PSV, is very useful for paediatric and ARDS patients.
  • Nebulizer is operational in all modes of ventilation without affecting the FiO2%.
  • The Tidal Volume is variable to treat from paediatric patients to obese adults
  • Perfect pressure support
  • Intelligent alarms
  • Orion is easy to operate as all the parameters are set with one rotary knob and then validated with a touch-button switch.
  • It is also easy to maintain as it has a very low cost of operation and maintenance.
  • Warranty and services provided anywhere in India

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