SmartDrive with PushTracker E2
Stay independent

Energy to do more

SmartDrive empowers your active lifestyle. It supplements the energy that you would normally have to use. With one button, tap or gesture, get the extra boost when and where you need it.

On-Demand Power Assist

Pushing a manual wheelchair can put stress on shoulders and lead to serious issues in the future. SmartDrive is a lightweight power assist for manual wheelchairs that helps users to go up hills and ramps, and cover extended distances without having to push.

PushTracker E2

The PushTracker E2 makes using your SmartDrive easier than ever. With gesture-activated controls and activity tracking technology, you can start your SmartDrive with a simple tap of your hand—no pushing or reaching necessary.


SwitchControl gives users another programmable option for controlling their SmartDrive. With the push of a button, SmartDrive can be engaged for a momentary burst of power or activated in latched mode for consistent power over extended distances.