Walk With

Path Finder LaserShoes help
people with Parkinson's walk

Do you have Parkinson’s?

If you are a person with Parkinson’s or know someone with Parkinson’s and want to help them, you have come to the right place.

Do you experience shuffling?

Most people associate Parkinson’s with shaking hands. While a lot of people with Parkinson’s experience this, just as many have shaking legs. This is called shuffling.

Do you experience freezing?

If you experience the feeling of being stuck, this is called freezing. Freezing occurs most commonly in narrow doorways or cluttered areas and is the number one reason for people with PD to lose balance and/or fall.

…Then Path Finder is the solution for you!

What are the Path Finder LaserShoes?

Path Finder is a laser shoe attachment that helps people with Parkinson’s walk. The lasers attached provide visual cues to help activate the motor cortex in the brain, helping to initiate your movement. Path Finder is designed to enable you to walk with confidence on your own.

  • Proven to alleviate freezing
  • Helps improve shuffling
  • Proven to reduce falls
  • Improves confidence
  • Improves social engagement
  • Is a CE-marked Class 1 medical device

Transform your walking in three simple steps:

1. Attach the strap

Attach the strap to your shoe. The strap wraps around your heel and forefoot, to ensure it stays in place.

2. Adjust the dial

Turn the dial to place the laser in front of the opposite foot. Adjust the laser length to suit your stride.

3. Start walking

Now you are ready to walk. When you stand still the units will automatically turn off to save battery.