Introducing NovoPen Echo

As a parent or carer, you’ll know how worrying it can be to trust your child’s diabetes management, especially when they’re not at home. The NovoPen Echo® is a durable pen designed to help your child manage his/her insulin dosing more confidently:

Simple memory function
  • Records dose and time since last injection for extra reassurance

Fine-tuned dosing in half-unit increments for simple yet accurate dosing

Comes in two colours and a choice of fun skins

1. Easy-to-use memory function

  • Time elapsed: Each segment represents an hour since the last dose
  • Last dose volume: Records the last insulin dose in units

2. Comes in two colours and a choice of fun skins

3. The Penfill® cartridges are quick and simple to change

4. Robust design that is built to last up to 5 years

5. Fine-tuned dosing in half-unit increments

6. End-of-dose click for reassurance

7. Short button travel makes it easier to self-inject for little fingers

8. Easy-to-use dial

  • Up and down function
  • Dial will not select more units than what is left in the cartridge

Dosing Options

Caring for your NovoPen Echo

Your NovoPen Echo is tough but could still get damaged, so handle it with care and protect it against dust and dirt when it is not in its case.

How to inject with NovoPen Echo?