iBreast Exam

84% Sensitivity. 94% Specificity. 98% NPV.

Science behind iBreastExam

Ingredients: Coffee + Base of Support + Dash of Luck = Innovation

Invented at Drexel University, Philadelphia.

iBreastExam’s sensors accurately assess & identify tissue elasticity differences between hard & stiff breast tumors versus normal breast tissue. The patented tactile sensor technology using Piezoelectric Sensor Array was invented by the scientists and doctors at Drexel University. It is a novel, quantitative and low-cost elastic modulus (E) sensor that can measure tissue compression and stiffness by top down touching of the skin surface. iBE’s ability to apply a gentle force and measure the subtle displacements electrically, all within the sensor, makes for an ideal ‘electronic palpation’ sensor for in-vivo breast imaging.



How It Works

Early Detection is for Every Woman


Am I eligible?

All adult women are eligible to take iBreastExam breast health test


How does it feel?

iBreastExam test feels like a stethoscope on your breasts.


Pain or radiation?

None whatsoever. It takes < 10 mins. You’ll have the results right after.

Indian Journal of Gynecologic Oncology (2016)

A major clinical study with 916 women enrolled, evaluating iBE™ technology was published in the Indian Journal of Gynecologic Oncology in June 2016. The study showed that iBreastExam device can significantly enhance clinical breast examination Sensitivity (by 19%) while maintaining high Specificity (94%) and Negative Predictive Value (NPV) of 98%. The study concluded that iBreastExam can be a promising tool for early detection of clinically relevant lesions at early stages and also useful in younger women with dense breasts.