Meet the Helios System

Helios is the Only Patented Automated Triple-Emitter UV-C Hard Surface Solution

The Next Generation UV-C Disinfection*

Surfacide provides an evidence-based, automated UV-C system that data indicate is effective against multi-drug resistant organisms including C.diff, MRSA, VRE, CRE and Acinetobacter. Our approach is different. The Surfacide Helios system utilizes multiple emitters to provide UV-C energy to more exposed areas with more power and efficacy as compared to single emitter systems.

*The reduction of pathogenic bioburden (Please note ALL mentions of disinfection are referring to the reduction of pathogenic bioburden.)

Real Problems are Shadows, Distance & Time/Labor

Overcoming Shadows

With 3 emitters, the Surfacide system is able to cover more surface area than single emitters during a single cycle. It’s better protection for your patients that can only be achieved with a triple-emitter system. Single emitter systems, (including pulsed xenon gas systems) simply cannot reach all high touch surfaces in a single disinfection cycle. Relying upon reflected energy to measure, analyze, and determine the proper dose of UV energy is flawed. With Surfacide’s three emitters operating during the same disinfection cycle, more surfaces are exposed, leaving behind a safer environment.

Distance Matters

As the distance to a surface increases, less energy is delivered to that surface. Surfacide’s three emitters are closer to more surfaces than all other UV systems, addressing more areas for further protection. Because three times the coverage is better than one.

Less Time, Less Labor

Single emitter systems must be re-positioned throughout the room up to FIVE times, resulting in a 51-146.3* minute cycle. Surfacide does not require any additional re-positioning after room set up, allowing EVS to be productive elsewhere in the hospital. One Cycle + efficient delivery of energy results in more thorough disinfection and faster room turn-around. Set it and go.

*Boyce et al., Terminal Decontamination of Patient Rooms Using and Automated Mobile UV Light Unit, Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol 2011; 32(8):737-742 and Haas et al., Implementation and impact of ultraviolet environmental disinfection in an acute care setting, AM J of Infect Control 2014; 42:586-590)


With our Laser Mapping feature, Surfacide systems are smart and able to identify exposed surfaces, providing confidence that disinfecting energy has been delivered efficiently and effectively.

Cost Advantages

Surfacide provides the greatest value in HAI reduction. Our system includes 3 emitters at a similar price point of most single emitter systems.

For added flexibility, emitters can be decoupled and utilized individually for small spaces such as bathrooms, which has been shown to improve HCAHPS.

Safe & Reliable

Surfacide has the ability to detect anyone entering the room and shuts off the three emitters instantly, ensuring patient, visitor and employee safety. Our three emitter system has been internationally certified and credentialed.