ZedBlox Smart Active Solution

This product, as the name suggests, consists of a Smart Active Carrier uses revolutionary technology with following salient features –

  1. Active temperature control
  2. Automated cooling and heating between -10 to 45 degree celsius
  3. Rechargeable Battery per charge life of 12 hours @ 25 C ambient temperature. Car charging available
  4. Automatic digital setting and control of target temperature
  5. Constant temperature monitoring with historical data being sent to cloud server using cellular connectivity
  6. Constant location monitoring thus providing tracking and safety for high value goods
  7. Phone based configurable alerts in case of unusual or unauthorized conditions (e.g. lid open, geofencing)
  8. AI based self-diagnostics to send alerts and proactively trigger service requests
  9. API based integration with customer ERP for end-to-end visibility
  10. Regulatory compliance (Government of India, WHO, FDA)

The Carrier constantly captures data of temperature, battery life, location and other mechanical parameters and sends it directly to the cloud, for AI based self-diagnosis and support. A yearly subscription to the cloud based system gives customers a secure login to their Dashboard, to access detailed analysis of the shipments along with various parameters captured during each trip.

The Carrier comes with a smart display screen that sends appropriate alerts to shipment owners of infractions in case of improper temperature maintenance or pilferage. It also gives audio alerts, in case of any abnormal data, so as the person transporting medical supplies can immediately rectify the issue.

Whole host of healthcare, pharma, medical supplies and diagnostics companies/ NGOs/ Government entities can benefit from this revolutionary product.


Various uses of Smart Active Carrier


  1. Preventive treatment such as vaccines, where temperature control of 2 to 8 degree celsius is important
  2. Other injections, eye/ ear drops, insulins, antibiotic liquids, oncology treatment items and some creams
  3. Diagnostics samples transported from patient to centralized labs
  4. Ophthalmology treatments for transporting donated corneas and medicines
  5. Orthopedic treatments for autologous cell treatments, injections
  6. Tailored medicine – cellular or gene therapy
  7. Organs and tissue
  8. Other biological samples – cell cultures, live microbes, proteins, enzymes etc.

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