Youbionic designed the 3dprinting Robotic ARMS to make life easier by supporting the body and enhancing productivity.

Its high exoskeletal functionality allows users to seamlessly perform activities of daily living.

This lightweight gadget is a product of integrated and innovative technology mechanically assembled using hardware and software to create a device that performs routine tasks remotely or independently.


The Youbionic 3D Printed Device lets you control your body in a Real Extracorporeal Style giving you a comfortable working experience with a good fit and weight that resonate well with you.

Integrating this device lets, you add more abilities to your body.

With this device, you can achieve more flexibility and efficiency performing simple tasks such as handling objects, typing on a keyboard, cleaning, and cooking at home.

Its application can also extends to performing leisure activities like gaming, music, and sports.


Aside from needing a companion that makes day to day tasks execution flexible, one area where the 3dprinting Robot offers superb support is in medical health care.

With the world’s deadliest pandemic “Coronavirus”, fast-spreading today, this device enables medical experts to provide treatment remotely while effectively reducing wide spreading diseases.

With the global advancement in artificial intelligence, this device will as well function in Surgery and more health care.


In the following video you can see how our technology is able to detect human movement and replicate it on a robotic arm. All this in a very simple way with the use of a low cost potentiometer and Servomotor.


In resistance and durability, the high level of aesthetics design of this 3D printing robot makes it highly resistant and durable to withstand any temperature without malfunctioning.

The attention to detail in its craft and material quality gives you a reliable machine that will stand the test of time while serving its purpose.


Unlike other 3d printing robot arm, Youbionic lets you access a sophisticated, Innovative device with multi-grip functionality and responsive aesthetics.

This 3dprinting Robot is affordable, body-supportive, and available to reduce daily workloads giving you an incredible robotic experience.

  • We have designed effective and very simple mechanical assembly solutions.
  • There are no metal parts or gears, it is composed exclusively of pieces made of 3D printing and fixing screws.
  • You will get a 3d scheme that shows you the order of the pieces and their mounting.
  • It will be able to perform movements you’ve never seen in any other Robot.
  • You will be able to 100% customize the pieces thanks to the modular assembly logic that our technicians have developed.
  • You can have it work in a workspace to perform routine tasks.
  • To experiment with artificial intelligence applications.
  • You can assemble it on a rover and control it remotely.