xRblood is the first at-home blood self-testing device able to provide lab-quality results at the touch of a button

    xRblood is the first self-testing at-home full blood count that works on the same principles as a lab analyst.

    xRblood counts red blood cells and white blood cells through a lancet finger stick.

    xRblood’s analysis is conducted using state-of-the-art machine learning artificial intelligence.

xRblood can perform full blood count analysis through amazing machine learning artificial intelligence.

No more trips to the doctor’s office. No more waiting hours or days for results.

Our machine will be a revolution
for the blood industry

The Artificial Intelligence will be able to perform many different tests from home. Imagine a world where instead of having to go to a lab for a blood test, you simply put your finger in a box and you have results right away.

Let’s take the example of pregnant women – they have to perform regular blood tests every month to ensure their health, and the health of the baby. With xRblood, they will be able to rest and get all of their results from the comfort of their home.