LOOKEE® Wrist Sleep Oxygen Monitor with Vibration Alarm for Sleep Apnea & Low O2 | Tracks Blood O2 Saturation Level, Heart Rate & CPAP Effectiveness


FDA listed, the Wrist Sleep Oxygen Monitor comes with a clinically-proven & medical level high resolution sensor. It continuously tracks blood oxygen saturation levels, heart rate and movement, and records data at every 4 seconds during your sleep. Ideal for tracking CPAP treatments.


The Adjustable Vibration Alarm triggers when a low oxygen level is present. Set the threshold on the app and adjust 5 intensity level alerts. The vibration will gently wake you to remind you to change sleep position in order to breathe well again. Effective at reducing the risk of sleeping on a low and unhealthy blood oxygen level. It acts as a safety net for CPAP failure and is also optimal when not using CPAP.


The Lookee® Wrist Sleep Monitor helps track the effectiveness of your CPAP Treatment. It helps you gain an accurate understanding of what’s disrupting your sleep. Count on this cutting-edge technology to help you finally rest easy and wake up feeling refreshed and recharged! Conduct your own sleep test and sleep management at home.


The Oxygen Saturation Monitor comes with the patented Finger Ring Sensor to free your finger from the common constraining clips of more traditional fingertip pulse oximeters.


For smartphones and tablets. Compatible with Android 5.0+ and iOS 9.0+. It provides reports to help you gain valuable insight into the patterns of your sleep.


Lookee® Wrist Sleep Monitor, Finger Ring Sensor Cable, USB Charging Cable, User Manual, Free APP, Lookee’s Worry-Free 1 year Warranty, Lifetime Lookee® Tech Support, and Award-Winning Top Grade Customer Service.

The Smart Vibrating Sensor May Help Reduce The Risk of Sleeping On Low Blood Oxygen Saturation Levels

If your blood oxygen saturation level drops below a preset threshold, the user will receive a gentle vibration on their finger that indicates he or she needs to shift their sleeping position in order to improve breathing. This helps to reduce the risk of sleeping on low and unhealthy blood oxygen levels, which can lead to various side effects. It also helps to minimize disturbing your sleep partner. (Disclaimers: This product is for general wellness use only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease. Please always consult your doctor for any medical concern.)

The Patented Finger Ring Sensor Will Free The Fingers From The Constraining Clip of More Traditional Fingertip Pulse Oximeters

The Lookee® Wrist Sleep Monitor tracks blood O2 saturation levels, heart rate and motion. The wristband sleep tracker features the patented Finger Ring Sensor which frees your finger from those constraining clips of more traditional fingertip pulse oximeters.

Sync Data to APP and Real Time Monitoring

Sync Data to App:

After monitoring, take the device off and the green light will remain on for a couple seconds as it saves the data. You will then see the blue light flashing, which means the device is ready to sync data to your mobile device. Turn on the App to sync the data. After the download is completed, you can check your sleep report on the App.

Check Real Time O2 Level and Heart Rate:

When you wear the Lookee Sleep Monitor, press the button on side to turn it on. Then open your App from your mobile device. Your App will connect to the monitor automatically. Check the Dashboard to see real time oxygen levels and heart rate.

(Disclaimer: This product is not a medical device and should not be used to diagnose or treat any medical condition.)