TWIICE: a device designed to meet a variety of pathologies, morphologies and expectations

What is TWIICE

 TWIICE is a lower limb exoskeleton that enables paraplegic people to stand up and walk again.

What is special about TWIICE

Every handicap is unique and requires special attention. TWIICE is a personal, modular exoskeleton. It is meant to be adapted to different morphologies and pathologies.

The vision behind TWIICE

By fostering simplicity, we made TWIICE more reliable, lighter, and affordable.

The development of a modular exoskeleton for walking assistance began in February 2015 at the Laboratoire de Systèmes Robotiques (LSRO) at EPFL. A year and a half later, the device is already operational for the first tests with a pilot.

TWIICE allows users to regain independence through daily activities: sitting and standing, walking on regular, rough or tilted surfaces, climbing stairs or interacting in community. Our intention is trying to give back users part of the sensations associated with walking or standing.

Every disability being unique, one single exoskeleton alone cannot fulfill all expectations. Hence the need for a modular and customizable device. With a weight of 15 kilos and a battery enabling 3 hours of active walking, TWIICE is designed to handle different pathologies, morphologies and user experiences. The whole technical design is developed with a special emphasis on simplicity, which confers robustness, reliability and lightness to the device.