• Day to day life improve
  • Use only 2-3 time a day
  • 90% – 95% success rate
  • No side effect
  • 1000+ patients already seen
  • Non invasive portable solution
  • Better sleep pattern and improved listening
  • Instant relief or relaxation or reduction of your tinnitus problem
  • Complete Treatment duration 3-6 months
  • Weekly follow up by professional


TinnitusRelief is a portable, non-invasive, battery operated device it is used for matching and therapeutic treatment of Tinnitus. TinnitusRelief device works on the principle of Neuromodulation. It has Neuromodulation technology to the use of specialized sound to minimize the neural hyperactivity thought to be the underlying cause of tinnitus.
TR Neuromodulation offers sustained relief to you by making long lasting changes to the patterns of activity in your brain which produces the tinnitus.

Typically, patients experience changes to their tinnitus sound within a few weeks of starting therapy and as the therapy proceeds the distressing symptoms reduce, including the loudness and annoyance of the tinnitus.

The benefits last beyond the therapy period, with 9 out of 10 people getting significant relief from the worst of their symptoms.

Used by:

It can be used by Audiologist and Trained staff.

Overview of functionality:

Operates from internal rechargeable battery. Operator can diagnose or match the tinnitus sound by adjusting the frequency, intensity and customized sound. Frequency and intensity can be change with very small steps, which result better diagnose report. The output frequency and intensity is displayed on the LCD and both can be controlled by keypad. After matching, prescribed therapy has to taken by patient for 45 minute twice or thrice a day (depends upon the severity level).


Problems cover

  • Tinnitus Matching
  • Tinnitus Therapy Treatment
  • Low frequency hearing level
  • High Frequency hearing level


  • Frequency output is 100 Hz to 16 Khz
  • Intensity output can be changed 10 dB to 110 dB
  • Step size of change in frequency is 0.5 khz
  • Step size of change in Intensity is 5 dB.
  • Rechargeable.
  • Portable, Easy user interface.


ISO13485 , CE Certificates