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We are the leading specialist in quality electrically operated adjustable beds that are tailor-made in our family-run Wiltshire factory.

No other company is able to provide the range we do – you have an endless choice in size, style, function and appearance.

  • Our metal mechanisms are precision engineered in Germany for ultimate reliability and performance.
  • We will always assess your individual needs and make the ideal bed to maximise your comfort and independence.
  • Every trustworthy and reliable Theraposture bed comes with a 14-day suitability guarantee so you have peace of mind.
  • We have a comprehensive range of quality and specialist mattresses and a choice of accessories that is unsurpassed.

Get in and out of bed safely, sleep better and enjoy feeling refreshed with a Theraposture adjustable bed.

Bespoke adjustable beds

With our tailor-made beds you get the best of both worlds – hospital standard mechanisms with non-medical looks that are at home in your home.

Whether you choose a bed for one person or a double combination to share, every bed will give you personalised comfort and positioning for a great night’s sleep.

Powered adjustment can include profiling, height adjustment or profiling and height adjustment – the choice is yours. Sitting up and getting in and out of bed is strain free and you can enjoy greater independence.

Solid oak framed adjustable bed

Divan styled upholstered adjustable bed

Solid oak framed adjustable bed for two persons

Divan styled upholstered adjustable bed for two persons

The Rotoflex® Range

There is only one Rotoflex – it is the proven and trusted rotational solution for getting in and out of bed safely. Through smooth and controlled powered functionality the Rotoflex will move and rotate you from a lying to a fully upright seated position.

We provide the widest range of rotational beds available with each Rotoflex providing essential support to users with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s and MS.

Uniquely, this sophisticated and proven adjustable bed includes advanced German engineering and has been refined over a period of 20 years. It is the ultimate, original and safe solution for getting legs into bed – available as a bed for one person or within a double combination for two people.

Rotoflex 235 Plus

Rotoflex 200 MK2 Bespoke

Rotoflex Low 200

Rotocare 175 & Rotocare Low 175

Rotoflex 300

Rotoflex for Couples