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Rehabilitation is a compilation of changes required when a person is going through or likely to experience constraints in their day-to-day functioning due to aging or other health conditions such as chronic diseases or injuries and traumas. Such constraints include difficulty in seeing, thinking, hearing, mobility, communicating, etc. The need for rehabilitation has increased worldwide due to the changing health patterns and prevalence of non-communicable diseases and an increase in the aging population.

Benefits of Rehabilitation

It reduces the impact of many healthcare conditions.

  • It helps prevent unwanted complications and slows down disabling effects; for conditions like spinal cord injury, fracture or stroke. 
  • It helps avoid unwanted costly hospitalization and avert readmissions. 
  • Aids in personal Independence; minimizes the need for financial or caregiver support. 
  • It allows individuals to gain employment and avail education.

Instances of Rehabilitation

a. Balance Training:- Intrusions that help to improve the safety and independence of any individual recovering from a chronic health condition; or to prevent the risk of falls for an older person. 
b. Developmental Activity:- Physical activities to overcome developmental constraints, for children with cerebral palsy. For example, fitting an orthosis, or training in sensory integration and self-care can be implemented; which in turn helps the child to grow, play and interact with family and communities effectively. 
c. Surgical:- Exercises to optimize surgical outcomes after a major injury, such as a hip fracture. It may include exercise prescription, walking-aid provision, or educating about hip movements to avoid further complications. 
d. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:- Activities aiming to introduce exercises for people suffering from acute depression. 
e. Sensory Outcomes:- Exercises that support daily activities and access to day-to-day chores for people with vision loss. This means, executing strategies for complete personal care and training the individual on how to use a cane.

Products required and where to buy them

Rehabilitation is a broad spectrum, and therefore, there are different types of products for different categories. Medpick is one such online B2B platform that allows you to procure products from every category with ease, all at one single place. Some of those products in Medpick include:-

a. Mobility Support and Cerebral Palsy:- Products such as  Back-Rests, Bariatric Wheelchairs, Walker, Crutches and Cerebral Palsy WheelChair are in demand for patients with bone injuries(Hip, Shoulder, Pelvic Girdle, etc.) and children suffering from Cerebral Palsy. 
b. Physiotherapy:-  Products such as Arms and Shoulder Slings and Compression Stocking aid in mobility support, to regain coordination and movement of an affected limb after an injury or stroke. 
c. Test and Evaluation:- For older people, the requirements of products such as Oximeter, Nebulizer and Blood Pressure Machine are maximum.  
d. Mental Health:- Restraints are an important part of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, for people who are undergoing acute depression. 
e. Vision:- Products like Cane come in need of people adjusting to a recent loss of vision.
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