Talking after throat cancer: Is it really possible?!

Talking after throat cancer: Is it really possible?! Leave a comment

An average of 30,000 patients across the nation are diagnosed with cancer of the larynx/throat, most of them diagnosed only in the later stages. Once cancer crosses a curable stage, surgical removal of the larynx is conducted, called laryngectomy.
Imagine how a person who has just lost his power of speech to throat cancer, would yearn for a voice of his own?
If only there were an affordable means of treatment perhaps!!

An innovative treatment to serve patients better

Dr. Vishal Rao, an oncologist and head & neck surgeon operating from the Bangalore-based Healthcare Global (HCG) Cancer Centre, and his team, developed a tiny product that enabled the people who lost their voice to throat cancer, get back their power of speech. For this particular project, he took the help of his friend, Shashank Mahesh, who is an industrialist, to handle the financials required.

‘Aum’:- A vocal reincarnation

Aum is the written dialect for the holy uttering ‘Om’. Om is considered to be the origin of all sounds, the start of all life. This is implied for the device’s name too, as it is considered as a vocal rebirth for the people who lost their voice to the ailment.
A here stands for creation, U for sustenance and M for annihilation; all three of which are the basic principles of the universe. Aum hence defines the rebirth of all the principles governing life.

The operating mechanism behind Aum

The prosthetic is made of silicon. When the food pipe and the windpipe are separated from one another during the surgery or post-surgery, it creates an opening between the two pipes. The Aum device is placed in this opening.
According to the mechanism operated by Dr. Vishal Rao, the voice box vibrates with the aid of air that is supplied by the lungs; hence here instead of the vibration of the voice box, the food pipe is allowed to vibrate with the back end of the prosthetic placed at the food pipe.

Why opt for Aum?

The device weighs a mere 25 grams and comes for a price of $1. As such, it is definitely a blessing for the unprivileged.
Dr. Vishal Rao has always taken up social initiative when it comes to patients suffering from grave ailments like cancer and made it a point to help them as much as he can, irrespective of their economic status. This is why both he and Shashank Mahesh didn’t charge for the time and effort they had to spend in the two years to come up with Aum. What they figured was, if every voice prosthetic costs around 25,000-35,000, patients from the lower economic background would suffer the most. No wonder the device is called the $1 (INR 50) device.

Where to buy Aum?

Now, there is no rush to look for where to procure a prosthetic as vital as Aum. You can avail it for your needs as well as your dear one, at Medpick or call Medpick @90350 00041

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