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Taking healthcare market trends Pan India and beyond through Health Innovations: A Medpick Story

Ranked 145th among 195 countries in terms of healthcare quality and accessibility, India is a country rich in opportunities for the enhancement of healthcare services. According to Government reports, by 2025, more than 75% of India’s diseases are going to be non-communicable diseases, with 24% cardiovascular diseases, 11% chronic respiratory diseases, 6% cancer diseases, and 2% of diabetes. In light of these numbers, the population today is growing more conscious about their daily fitness and food routine. It is this trend of health awareness that inspired Medpick to introduce HEALTH INNOVATIONS.

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In a journey that began in February 2020, with a mission to launch 365 medical innovations in 365 days, Health Innovations focuses on promoting MedTech startups that were neither getting the attention nor the market reach they deserved. Our collection of affordable, quality-assured medical innovations is assembled from medical device manufacturers and distributors, both on a national as well as a global scale. The attention to detail and expertise of these innovators, coupled with Medpick’s diverse connections with inquisitive healthcare buyers, has helped MedTech Startups to reach across the country and internationally. As we come to the end of an innovation-rich year, here are a few of the innovations that grabbed the limelight:

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Penetrating the Population, Far and Wide

Partnered with other digital platforms such as the Whitecoats doctors’ network, this portal has taken newer technologies to millions of users, including healthcare facilities, diagnostic laboratories, and individuals, and make diagnosis and management of health conditions seamless and smoother. The range of products under Health Innovations caters to every requirement, and is inclusive of patient monitoring equipment such as watches, skin patches, etc; daily use devices such as blood pressure monitors, nebulizers, digital thermometers, and glucometers; microbial detection and prevention equipment such as disinfection supplies, UV-LED equipped devices and more.

In the spirit of celebrating the achievement of this milestone, here’s presenting Mr. Chethan KS, Co-Founder and Biomedical Engineer at Medpick and Roopa Rani, Co-Founder and Design Curator, Medpick, while they converse on everything Health Innovations stands for.