Introducing Tablo – a simple, versatile approach to reducing the cost and complexity of dialysis.

Tablo is a dialysis machine designed from the inside out to offer a better experience for patients and providers.

It looks different, but that’s just the beginning.

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  • Automatic, regular updates that help Tablo get smarter over time
  • Flexible treatment duration — from 30 minutes to 24 hours with no supply changeover
  • Automated self clean
  • Integrated blood pressure cuff
  • Automated saline bolus and tracking
  • One-touch rinseback
  • Compatible with high-flux dialyzers

Simple touchscreen interface

3-D animations and conversational instructions help guide you through system set-up, treatment and even alarm resolution.

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Access Tablo data—anywhere

Two way communication with the cloud can seamlessly transmit treatment data both to the provider and to a unique remote diagnostics platform that powers service and support.

All-in-one enterprise solution

With integrated water purification onboard and dialysate production on demand, Tablo is a dialysis machine that can deliver multiple modalities in a variety of care settings.

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Easy to learn and use

By reducing training time down to hours, and a friendly interface guiding users through treatment, Tablo can be used and operated by anyone.

Tablo comes with a paperless ecosystem of intuitive tools to simplify dialysis.

Connected and intelligent

With two-way wireless data transfer and cloud-based monitoring and reporting, Tablo automates documentation and streamlines machine management.

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