SmartCane device uses ultrasonic ranging to detect objects in its path and generates tactile output in the form of different vibratory patterns. These vibrations convey the distance information and thus enable the user to negotiate the obstacles from a safe distance.

  • Adjustable detection range: 3m (outdoor) and 1.8m (indoor)
  • Four intuitive vibratory patterns to convey obstacle distance information
  • Ergonomic grip for comfortable holding and cane tapping
  • Adjustable sensor mechanism for use by persons of different heights
  • In-built rechargeable battery
  • Can be easily attached/detached from a standard white cane
  • Sound indicators to convey battery level, charging status, sensor and vibrator failure
  • Conforms to international quality standard-CE, ISO 9001:2008

The device package contains a SmartCane device fitted on a regular white cane(120cm), power charger, user manual in Clear Print for low-vision users and sighted assistance, quick start guide in Braille and a CD containing user manual in DAISY format, e-Text and Braille print ready format in various languages.

You can procure a cane of different length (110 , 130 or 140cm).