Easy-to-use Balloon Sinuplasty
system with reusable components



Balloon Sinuplasty is a minimally-invasive surgical option for patients who have failed medical treatment for Chronic Rhinosinusitis.

Similar to other minimally-invasive surgical techniques, sinuplasty offers patients a treatment option with no removal of bone or tissue, lesser discomfort and pain, as well as faster recovery, compared to traditional sinus surgery.

While this procedure has seen significant adoption across the globe, uptake in India and other Emerging Markets has been limited, with cost being a major factor.



SinuCare is the first Balloon Sinuplasty system designed specifically for India and other Emerging Markets, making this procedure and technology accessible to more patients.

With reusable components, superior ergonomics and control, and unique safety features, SinuCare is an affordable and convenient option for minimally-invasive sinus surgery.


SinuCare enables safe, effective, and affordable balloon sinuplasty through superior control, enhanced safety, and affordability.

The key technology features are:

    • Integrated scope channel to enable direct visualization and single-handed use
    • Innovative “double-balloon” technology to prevent balloon slippage during inflation
    • Optional fibre optic for secondary, visual confirmation of balloon position in sinus
    • Reusable components

SinuCare and its components are European CE certified.