IO procedures made safer and consistent

ROBIO EX is a CT & PET-CT guided robotic positioning system that assists with fast and accurate tumor targeting and tool placement for abdominal and thoracic interventions, including biopsy, FNAC, pain management, drainage and tumor ablation

ROBIO EX offers several features to help clinicians target the tumor and plan for accurate tool placement for diagnosis or therapy. ROBIO® EX can be used for targeting and tool placement in deep seated lesions requiring orbital or crano-caudal angulation or a combination of both.

ROBIO EX helps reduce the number of needle punctures, check scans, procedure time, patient pain and radiation exposure


Advanced Robotic targeting for CT & PET-CT guided interventions

Set Up

1. Choose the desired image slice by scrolling the images


2. Select the target point with mouse click over the target
3. Select the entry point at skin level and select needle length
4. Confirm a safe trajectory, not involving any vital organs, as shown on the software.


5. Manually advance the needle through the probe guide to reach the tumor/target


6. Perform a check scan to check needle position, Software overlaps the planned trajectory over needle
7. Perform the intended procedure
8. Generate patient reports to document procedure
9. Image registration may be used for follow-up visits


Device Setup

Perfint’s proprietary InstaReg™ Technology helps in fast and simple registration. Just roll the ROBIO® EX onto the floor panel, push a button and registration is complete in seconds.

Robotic Targeting
Robotic Arm

ROBIO® EX’s robotic arm comes with a 5 DOF Axis (X, Y, Z, A & B) movement along with sub millimeter and sub degree accuracy.

This ensures that procedures can be performed at different table heights; reach difficult lesions that require more angulations (Orbital, Cranio – Caudal Angulations) with special focus on patient demographics.

Sterile Disposables

ROBIO® EX uses sterile disposables that are safe and ensure economical procedures. The sterile disposables are:

a. Needle Guide Adaptor – The adaptor is held by the fingers and used to hold needles / probes of varying sizes during the procedure
b. Needle Stabilizer – The primary function of the needle stabilizer is to stabilise the needle during the check scans after insertion
c. Needle holder – The Needle holder helps hold the needle and the needle guide in place and do check scans half way during insertion
d. Drape – Provides sterility for the moving arm


ROBIO EX benefits
  • Robotic accuracy for small and complex targets – CT / PET-CT interventions
  • Quick registration using InstaReg TM
  • Patient movement & respiratory motion solution
  • Procedure specific workflow & reporting
  • Less radiation – No fluoro for needle placement. Safe on doctor. Safe on patient.
  • Reproducible Quality – Even less experienced physicians achieve excellent results.
  • Broad Application – Improved ability to perform complex procedures
Patient Immobiliser *:

ROBIO® EX comes with an easy to use and reusable patient immobilizer to minimize patient movement during the procedure

Respiratory motion tracker *

ROBIO® EX uses breath hold management system to stabilize the targets that are affected by respiratory movement