Sophisticated & high-end technology for
improved accuracy

No contact & no batteries safe for baby

HD video with night vision and 2-way audio

Monitors sleep & breathing even when

Intelligent & intuitive app assists in sleep




Made for babies. And for parents.

We set out to make a baby monitor that combines great design with high accuracy and superb functionality. So, while the tech was flawlessly integrated and the app was customized for ease of use, we didn’t forget that the device would sit in a baby’s room.
raybaby has been created with the support of HAX as part of the consumer health device program.

Safe, Secure & Private

Baby safety has influenced every part of the design and tech that has gone into raybaby. The raybaby device works from up to 5ft from your baby. It comes with a single wire that plugs into the power outlet. The signal power from the sensor is less than 1/1000th of the WiFi and will not harm your baby.

Access to the raybaby app is only via secure encrypted servers. For those with concerns about video, raybaby’s video feature can be easily disabled on the app. This will not interfere with or interrupt the sleep and breathing trackers on raybaby.

Never too far from your little one

Connecting to raybaby is done via the smartphone app. It offers a pleasant interface that doesn’t overload you with information. Easily customizable, it informs, notifies and alerts you when your baby needs attention. The raybaby app also includes features like a smart journal with a record of baby’s sleep and breathing patterns and a memory book. Sign up to receive news and updates.


Living with raybaby

The Technology

Built on an unparalleled AI platform, raybaby is intuitive and molded to your baby’s sleep pattern and respiration. It comes with a powerful algorithm that keeps you up-to-date on your baby’s sleep requirements, and even offers recommendations on how their development can be optimized.

The Design

We didn’t want raybaby to stick out like a sore thumb in your baby’s nursery. So, shifting the focus away from the technology itself, raybaby’s designed to fit into the context of the child’s room. Taking cues from classic wooden toys, we’ve chosen a delicate shape that give it a warm, friendly character. Much like a small guardian who tirelessly keeps an eye on the baby.

The smartphone app

Behind a deceptively simple interface is a machine that processes complex data to interpret it easily for you. It doesn’t overload you with information and allows you to customize it. The app informs, notifies and alerts you when your baby needs you. What’s more, it includes features like a smart journal with a record of baby’s sleep and breathing patterns, HD video, two-way audio and a memory book.

Care and maintainance

To clean the device, use a soft, dry cloth. Gently wipe. Do not use soaps, cleaning liquid or damp cloth..