Raksha Success Stories: Part 2

During the lockdown implemented by the Govt. of India due to the COVID-19 crisis, various healthcare organizations had remained shut down, in an attempt to minimize the number of patients flowing in for regular checkups and services. But due to the increasing demand of many for medical attention, these hospitals had to be reopened, but of course, with certain precautions.

One such healthcare facility is the Andhra Hospital. Situated in Eluru, one of the serene residential areas of West Godavari District, this private hospital has spacious and well-ventilated rooms with neatly maintained floors, and a carpet area of 9000 sq.ft totaling to 45000 sq.ft in every floor. Due to the overflow of patients, the hospital had resumed its services amidst the threat of the Pandemic.

Being a 100-bedded facility, the risks of the outspread of the disease are at a maximum, without any proper means of protection. To ensure the safety of their medical staff, the Andhra hospital was on the lookout for a supply of face masks and had reached out to Medpick for assistance. Medpick had successfully contributed to their safety by providing ample face masks through Raksha. Raksha is a campaign initiated by Medpick that strives to safeguard our Frontline Workers with a donation of face masks, PPE kits, and medical gloves for free.

There are multiple organizations in our country that still need our support in protecting their COVID warriors. Donate your bit today at www.impactguru.com/fundraiser/help-medpick and help us secure our medical fraternity against the harsh effects of the coronavirus.