Raksha Success Stories: Part 1

With the cases of the Coronavirus Pandemic soaring each passing day, physicians, nurses, paramedics, and others of the medical fraternity battling on the frontline are faced with a shortage of personal protective kits, face masks, and medical gloves, amongst other COVID Essentials.  Healthcare Providers Pan India have been concerned that without any safety gear, they might not only expose themselves but also their families as well as their patients.

The CHAI Organization and Raksha

Meet Catholic Health Association of India(CHAI)  is a network of 3572 Healthcare and Social Service Institutions across India. With a network of 1000 sister-doctors, 25000 sister-nurses, and 10,000+ para-professionals, they have been actively involved in aiding the needy across the country.

CHAI too had been facing a massive shortage of protective face masks while battling the COVID crisis and were on the lookout for safety resources. Medpick reached out to support them with a free supply of Face Masks through Raksha, a charity campaign to help the frontliners in the country by donating COVID-19 Supplies for free.

CHAI is one of the many healthcare organizations Medpick has been supporting in the tough times of the Pandemic. Raksha strives to be of help to our heroes of the medical fraternity as and when possible. If you wish to be a part of the cause, you can donate your bit at http://bit.ly/2XHuMmN