Delivering 3D clinical lab experiences to medical students online

More than skin deep.

Most 3D viewers only give you the outer layer when there is so much more to see and understand. Rad3D gives depth to CT and MRI scans.

Look inside and Out

With advanced support for the latest in 3D web features students can see inside and out.

Classroom Accessible

With secure cloud sharing, you can send 3d images to entire classes at once.

Learn Together

Synced views and notes make Rad3D a perfect platform for collaborative learning.

Learn in Browser


With WebGL 2.0 support Rad3D works natively in Google Chrome. No installs,plugins, or extensions.

Group Collaboration


Collaborate with anyone with real time Collaborative Sync. Use multiple devices for control and viewing.

Shared Storage


Access shared or personal storage. Rad3D serves your images free of scan meta data.