XTRA 600

Category: Professional care bed series

Structural upgrade, size widening, super load bearing

Extra large load: 300 kg, two width options: 120/140 cm, foot height 5 adjustable, bed height 270-695 mm from the ground, adjustment range 425 mm, casters with independent brake function, manual control The board is equipped with a one-way locking device. Electrical grade IP X4, safe operating load: 380 kg

Detail Introduction:

Heavy duty beds for max load of 300kg.

  • Large Max. Patient weight: 300kg
  • Available in two width: 120/140 cm
  • Mechanical height adjustment of footrest in 5 positions
  • Electrically operated height adjustment 270-695mm, stroke 425mm
  • 4 individually lockable castors
  • Handset with single fault safety and locking device
  • Protection class IPX4
  • Safety working load: 380kg
0° - 70° 0° - 30° 270mm - 695mm Full motorized bed
adjustment 0° - 12°