Securinject- Single Use Syringe for Dental anaesthesia – 50 pieces

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50 Pieces

Securinject – Award Winning Single Use Syringe for Dental Anaesthesia

Accidental needle stick injuries (NSIs) and cross contamination are serious concerns in modern day dentistry. They pose a significant risk to dental professionals and their patients. Due to their limited awareness and recognition, NSIs and cross contamination are known as silent killers.

Scientific research shows that dental professionals have a 56 % chance of receiving an NSI injury each year. The risk of bacterial, fungal, and viral infection is significant. Cross-contamination is another challenge for any dental office as reusable dental syringes are a source of contamination, as they cannot be safely, consistently and reliably sterilized. Both NSIs and cross contamination can adversely affect both personal and professional lives, and restrict career opportunities.

Securinject is an award winning patent pending innovation to prevent NSIs and cross infections in dentistry. In designing Securinject syringes, utmost attention to detail was given to ensure they are by far safer and more advantageous than other available options. They are made using the finest materials and most advanced technologies to meet the needs of contemporary. Some features of Securinject are listed below.

• Permanently locks after use to protect from NSIs.

• Safely dismantles used needle for disposal.

• Designed for a single use to prevent cross-infection.

• Aesthetically appealing and cost effective compared to other options.

Single Use Safety Syringe for Dental Anaesthesia

Size: 9.9 * 7.1 *6


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