Schiller Fred PA-1 AED System

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The simulation of various resuscitation situations enables a training that is as close to reality as possible with a PAD. If the FRED PA-1 Trainer is used with a mannequin, the whole resuscitation process can be simulated with the help of visual and acoustic step-by-step instructions. The positioning of the electrodes on the upper part of the body can be trained with the removable training electrodes.

Once opened, the FRED PA-1 guides the rescuer step-by-step during the entire resuscitation process. Dedicated to public access, SCHILLER’s latest defibrillator, the FRED PA-1 has been designed so that even untrained users can save lives.

The FRED PA-1 is available either as semi-automatic or fully automatic device. In its automatic version, the FRED PA-1 delivers the shock without any action of the rescuer. In its semi-automatic version, the FRED PA-1 prompts the rescuer to deliver the shock by pressing the shock button.

Defibrillation, in more simple terms, is the act of delivering electrical energy to the heart in order to restore a proper heart rhythm. In an emergency situation, such as cardiac arrest, a defibrillator in combination with well-performed chest compressions is the only therapy that can save a patient’s life.

  • Ease of use: interface with 1-2-3 steps

Not only is the FRED PA-1 intuitive with simple 1-2-3 steps, but it also features spoken instructions and clear imagery that also guides the user through the process.


  • Pre-connected electrodes for faster application to the patient’s chest

The electrodes are pre-connected: apply them to the patient’s chest and let the FRED PA-1 guide you.


  • Automatic self-tests for detection of electrode expiration and battery capacity

The FRED PA-1 automatically performs regular self-tests and indicates whether or not the device is ready for use.

  • Trilingual: perfect for an international environment

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