Samsung R7 Ultrasound Machine – Refurbished

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Application Training for the Samsung R7

KPI’s on-staff sonographer can provide onsite applications training or remote training via videoconference for the Samsung R7 at a set price plus travel costs. A pre-recorded video training course is included in the sale, lease or rental of the SonoAce R7 from KPI ultrasound.

Samsung SonoAce R7 Service Options

Free technical support is available from KPI during installation and over the course of the standard limited warranty. Technical support is available after the warranty period at an hourly cost per issue.

Samsung R7 Maintenance

KPI recommends the use of a surge protector along with a dedicated power outlet. Probes should be disinfected after every use with a disinfectant wipe proven not to damage the lens (KPI recommends SonoWipes for this.) KPI recommends one PM visit (preventative maintenance) every year.

Samsung SonoAce R7 Dimensions & Weight

Height: 1,380mm (with monitor)

Width: 450mm

Depth: 700mm

Weight: 62kg (with monitor)

Weight: Approx. 75kg (with Safe Working Load)

SonoAce R7 Specifications

Digital Beam-forming

System processing channel: 114,688

Displayed Imaging Depth (Probe dependent)

Minimum Depth of field: 2cm

Maximum Depth of Field: 30cm

200dB System Internal Dynamic Range

Maximum Frame Rate: 753Hz (Probe, mode dependent)

Maximum Color Frame Rate: 211Hz (Probe, mode dependent)

PW Velocity Range: 5cm/s ~ 6.81m/s

CW Velocity Range: 19.25cm/s ~ 8.27m/s

Samsung SonoAce R7 Electrical Power

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Voltage: 100-120V/200 -240VAC, 680VA

Thermal output: 1740 [BTU/h]

Safety Class(EMI): Class A

System Noise: under 60 dB


Samsung Medison SonoAce R7 Revisions

Medison launched the SonoAce R7 in 2010. The Medison SonoAce R7 Version 1.01 added the LN5-12 linear probe. In 2012 the Medison SonoAce R7 Version 1.02 added the C2-5 convex, C4-9/10ED microconvex, and the ED4-9ES Endovaginal probes.

In 2013 version 2.0 of the Medison SonoAce R7 was released. This was a major upgrade including new twin-zip transducer connectors and added the VN4-8 4D convex, the PN2-4 cardiac sector, the L5-12/50 linear, and the CW2.0 pencil probes and improved a host of small features in the software.

Version 3.0 of the SonoAce R7 changed the 17” monitor out for a new 19” version and added a gas spring height adjustable control panel. The SonoAce R7 version 3.01 was released in 2014 and was a major upgrade that added the SP3-8 cardiac sector probe and the CF4-9 microconvex probe. The SonoAce R7 version 3.01 also added optional Elastography, Panoramic imaging, Strain, Stress Echo, E-motion marker, and Auto IMT. In 2015 the SonoAce R7 was updated to version 3.02 and added the DP2B pencil probe. The Samsung SonoAce R7 version 3.03 gave the 19” monitor backlighting made image quality improvements to color Doppler on the convex probes.

All revisions of the Medison R7

Medison SonoAce R7 (Rev 1.0)

Medison SonoAce R7 (Rev 1.02)

Medison SonoAce R7 (Rev 2.0)

SonoAce R7 (Rev 3.0)

SonoAce R7 (Rev 3.1)

SonoAce R7 (Rev 3.2)

SonoAce R7 (Rev 3.3)

Common configurations of the Medison SonoAce R7

  • SonoAce R7 with 2 transducers
  • This is a Women’s health configuration

    C2-8 Convex

    ER4-9 Endovaginal

  • SonoAce R7 with 3 transducers
  • This is a General Imaging configuration

    C2-8 Convex

    ER4-9 Endovaginal

    L5-12/40 Linear


All Samsung SonoAce R7 Probes / Transducers

Linear LN5-12 [Center Freq. 8MHz]128 elements, 38.1mm

Linear L3-8 [Center Freq. 5MHz]128 elements, 38.7mm

Linear L5-12/50 [Center freq. 7.5 MHz] 128 elements, 50mm

Convex C2-5 [Center Freq. 3.4MHz] 128 elements, 39.7mmR

Convex C2-8 [Center Freq. 4.9MHz] 128 elements, 51mmR

Microconvex CF4-9 [Center Freq. 6.56MHz] 128 elements, 14mmR

Endocavity EVN4-9 [Center Freq. 6.5MHz] 128 elements, 10mmR

Endocavity ER4-9 [Center Freq. 6.5MHz] 128 elements, 10mmR

4D Convex 3D4-8 [ 4 – 8 MHz] 128 elements, 39mmR

4D Convex 3DC2-6 [ 2 – 6 MHz] 128 elements, 40mmR

4D Convex VN4-8 [ 4 – 8 MHz] 128 elements, 38mmR

4D Endocavity 3D4-9 [ 4 – 9 MHz] 128 elements, 38mmR

Cardiac Sector P2-4 [Center Freq. 2.5 MHz] 64 elements

Cardiac Sector PN2-4 [Center Freq. 2.7MHz] 64 elements

Pediatric Cardiac Sector SP3-8 [Center Freq. 5.3 MHz] 64 elements

Pencil CW2.0 [Center Freq. 2MHz]

Advanced Samsung R7 transducers

The Samsung R7 offers four 4D probes including three 4D convex probes, the nearly identical [ 4 – 8 MHz] VN4-8 and 3D4-8 and the [ 2 – 6 MHz] 3DC2-6. The VN4-8 and 3DC2-6 are lower cost options to the similar 3D4-8.. The [ 4 – 9 MHz] 3D4-9 4D endocavitary probe for the SonoAce R7 is especially useful in this price category for it’s ability to show the coronal view of the uterus, something impossible with a 2D transducer. Most ultrasound machines in the economy price range do not offer a 4D endocavitary probe. Also excellent for women’s health on the Samsung R7 is the L5-12/50 2D linear probe with a wide 50mm scan head that makes it more efficient for breast scanning.

Popular SonoAce R7 Transducers

The [ 4 – 8 MHz] VN4-8 is the most popular 4D convex transducer for the Samsung R7 and is a lower cost alternative to the 3D4-8. The C2-8 [ 2 – 8 MHz ] is the most popular 2D convex while the [ 4 – 9 MHz ] ER4-9 is the most popular endocavitary probe for the Samsung R7 because its straight shaft is preferred to the angled version on the EVN4-9 by many sonographers in the women’s health field as an ergonomic preference.


Medison R7 comparison with other Samsung systems

The Medison SonoAce R7 was launched in 2010 before Medison was purchased by Samsung. It was released soon after the SonoAce R5 but improved upon the R5 in every way. Image quality, features and ergonomics on the R7 are all superior to the R5 in significant ways. When Samsung took over it made significant improvements to the R7 while lowering its price. The Samsung Medison R7 has replaced the R5 as the entry level Samsung ultrasound system. Samsung then launched the midrange H60 that provides a huge step up above the R7.

Other brands competing with the Samsung Medison R7

The closest competitor to the Samsung Medison R7 from GE is the Logiq P5 premium that has a similar price, or the Voluson P8 that is at a much higher price point. The Medison R7 has a broader application set than the Voluson P8, but is not a true shared-service ultrasound machine like the Logiq P5. The R7 has 4D image quality superior to the Logiq P5 but a much more modest set of probes and optional features. Both are light and compact though the 19” monitor on the Samsung Medison R7 is far larger than the 15” on the P5. The Philips ClearVue 550, like the Logiq P5 is a shared service machine with a very limited set of transducers. The Samsung Medison R7 meanwhile has more transducer options, especially 4D transducers though the workflow on the Philips unit is superior. The Samsung Medison R7 is best for medical practices that are focused on OB/GYN and want strong 4D, but don’t want to pay the premium for the Voluson P8, whereas the Logiq P5 and ClearVue 550 fit better in practices that need a wide variety of applications or Radiologist who need the most efficient workflow.


Samsung SonoAce R7 Standard Features

19” High Resolution Monitor with LED Backlit

3 active probe ports

Front and rear handles

Articulated Monitor Arm

Lifting Control Panel

Digital beam forming

FSI (Full Spectrum Imaging)

Quick Scan

SFR (Speckle Reduction Filter)

Trapezoidal View

Wide Dynamic Range

Multi Beam Processing

Probe changes in 3-5 seconds

Over 30 User Programmable Presets

7 User Programmable Keys


Data Backup / Restore

Image Export and Import

Image Reverse: Right/Left, Up/Down

Image Rotation: +/- 90, 180



Digital Calipers / Measurement

Cine Memory

Image memory: 2D Max. 7084 frames

Cine loop: Max. 8,192 Lines

Cine Review, Loop Review

Quick scan™

Report Package

Body Marker

System Boot up: in 120 sec

SonoAce R7 Technology Definitions

FSIM:: FSI or Full Spectrum Imaging on the SonoAce R7 uses the entire radio frequency range and a customized probe to produce more comprehensive and reliable images. Broadening the range enables increased penetration and contrast resolution, ensuring better results for operators by reducing speckle and improving the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). This technology can also be applied to harmonic imaging.


SonoAce R7 Accessories

Digital BW Video Printer: Sony UP-D897, Mitsubishi P93DW / P95DE

Digital Color Video Printer: Sony UP-D23MD, Sony UP-D25MD, Mitsubishi CP30DW

USB Line Printer: Samsung CLP-620NDK, Samsung ML2950ND

SonoAce R7 Supplies

Aquasonic ultrasound gel

Sono ultrasound wipes

Sony UPP-110HG thermal printing paper

Sony UPC-21L color thermal printing pack

Mitsubishi CK30L printing paper

Mitsubishi K95HG high gloss thermal printing paper

SonoAce R7 ports

4 transducer ports

Audio out L/R

MIC (in)


S-Video output

DVI output

Remote I/O


Parallel (in)

5 USB 2.0 ports

Ethernet 10/100/1000BASE-T

e-Motion Marker™


Samsung SonoAce R7 Options

These are features that are not standard on the SonoAce R7, but which can be added to the configuration for an additional cost.


SCI (Spatial Compound Imaging)

Dynamic MR / Dynamic MR Plus

3DXI (3D eXtended Imaging)

CW Doppler

Cardiac Measurement


SonoView Pro

Auto IMT

e-Motion Marker



Stress Echo


Foot switch


SonoAce R7 technology definitions

SCI: Spatial Compounding Image™ is a technology on the SonoAce R7 that improves signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and enhances contrast resolution via electronic ultrasound beam steering. This provides greater control. SCI compounds numerous scan lines to deliver significantly clearer definition in soft tissue planes, with reduced speckle and other interference.

3D XI:3D eXtended Imaging™ on the Samsung SonoAce R7 is a suite of three imaging applications: Multi-Slice View™ transforms ultrasound data into a series of sequential images while Oblique View™ enables examination of 3D data in a wide range of planes. Finally, the Volume CT™ function allows coronal, sagittal and axial imaging. The combined result is complete control of 3D and 4D volume data manipulation from various perspectives to ensure diagnostic accuracy and confidence.

Auto IMT: This feature provides measurement of the intima-media thickness of the carotid artery wall. Samsung’s Auto IMT™ on the SonoAce R7 provides information such as the Framingham Score, risk factors and a user graph. In addition, a comprehensive set of settings including Mean, Max, Standard Deviation and Quality Index measurements are instantly available at the touch of a single button.

e-Motion Marker:This feature displays the direction of the transducer’s beam plane on the SonoAce R7’s screen and provides reference information to assist in diagnosis. The position of the uterus and ovaries can be expressed easily and intuitively.

ElastoScan: A diagnostic ultrasound technique for imaging elasticity, ElastoScan on the SonoAcr R7 detects the presence of tumors in breast and cervical tissues and converts the tissue stiffness into color images that assist in guiding biopsies, and interventional treatments as well as initial diagnosis.

Strain: Strain function quantitatively displays cardiac motion using motion vectors and diagnoses cardiac dyssynchrony. On the SonoAce R7 Strain can detect radial speckle tracking easily and obtain trajectory along with strain information.

Stress Echo: The SonoAce R7 provides a package for pharmacological Stress Echo, diastolic Stress Echo, and exercise Stress Echo. The programmable features of each Stress Echo study give you a streamlined workflow to fit your needs. Stress Echo supports a flexible reporting format that can be individually optimized for your workplace environment.

Imaging Modes

Samsung SonoAce R7 Imaging Modes

2D imaging

M imaging

Color Doppler Imaging (CDI)

Power Doppler Imaging (PDI)

Directional Power Doppler Imaging (DPDI)

Pulse Wave (PW) Spectral Doppler imaging

Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI)






SonoAce R7 Optional Imaging Modes

Continuous Wave (CW) Spectral Doppler

3D / 4D

ElastoScan (E Mode)

Panoramic Image View


Samsung SonoAce R7 Applications

Applications or Apps are the types of exams or studies that an ultrasound machine can do. More than this if an ultrasound machine supports a specific application it will have calculations, measurement and reporting software included to support those apps and make them useful in a clinical environment.

The Samsung SonoAce R7 is focused on Women’s Health though it can perform well in many other applications it’s strength is not shared service.

4D Imaging

Women’s Health







Small Parts





Tissue Harmonic Imaging: Yes

Spatial Compounding(=CrossXbeam): Yes

Speckle Reduction (=SRI): Yes

Auto Image Opt(B mode) :Yes

Auto Image Opt(Doppler): No

Write Zoom :Yes

Triplex Mode: Yes

Needle Enhancement or Needle Recognition: No

Auto NT Measurement (=Sono NT) :No

Auto Follicle 2D Measurement :No

Auto Follicle 3D Measurement :No

Auto IMT :Yes

Auto IMT (Real Time) :No

Automated B/M/D Measurement: No

Automated LH Measurement(Automated Function Imaging(AFI), Cardiac Motion Quantification(CMQ), or Auto EF(Ejection Fraction): No

Live Dual (B/BC) Mode:

SmartExam or Scan Assistant :No

Fusion :No

Raw Data File:

Flexible Report: Yes

Barcode Reader: No

Gel Warmer: No


Convex (1~6Mhz): Yes

Convex (2~9Mhz): No

Single Crystal Convex (1~6Mhz): No

Single Crystal Convex (2~9Mhz): No

2D Arrary 3D Convex (1~6Mhz): No

Micro Convex (5~8Mhz) :Yes

Single Crystal Endocavity_Straight Type (3~10Mhz): No

Endocavity_Curved Type (5~8Mhz): Yes

3D Convex (2~6Mhz): Yes

3D Convex Light Weight (2~7Mhz): No

3D Endocavity (3~10Mhz): Yes

3D Micro Convex (3~9Mhz): No

3D Linear (4~18Mhz): Yes

Linear (>14Mhz): No

Linear (3~12Mhz):Yes

Linear (<9Mhz) :Yes

Single Crystal Linear (>14Mhz): No

Single Crystal Linear (3~12Mhz): No

Single Crystal Linear (<9Mhz): No

Linear 50mm :Yes

Linear 25mm: NO

Hockey stick (<13Mhz) :No

Hockey stick (>13Mhz) :No

T or L shape Intra Operative: No

Phased Array_Adult (1~5Mhz) :Yes

Single Crystal Phased Array_Adult (1~5Mhz): No

2D Arrary 3D Phased Array (1~5Mhz): No

Phased Array_Pediatric (3~8hz) :Yes

Single Crystal Phased Array_Pediatric (3~8hz): No

Phased Array_Neonate (4~12Mhz):No

ICE (Intracardiac Echo Cardiography): No

TEE_Adult (3-7Mhz):No

TEE_Pediatric (3~7Mhz): No

2D Array 3D TEE (2~7Mhz) :No

Pencil CW (2Mhz) : Yes

Pencil CW (5 or 6Mhz): Yes

Imaging Modes

2D, M mode: Yes

M-color Flow Mode: Yes

Anatomical M-mode: Yes

Trapezoidal Mode :Yes

Color, Power Angio, Pulse Wave Doppler: Yes

Bi-directional Power (=HD FLOW): No

SCW Doppler: Yes

Tissue Doppler(Velocity) Imaging: Yes

Freehand 3D: Yes

Live 3/4D OB/GYN: Yes

HD Live: No

STIC (Spatio-Temporal Image Correlation): No

Live 3D Echo: No

Stress Echo: Yes

Strain and Strain Rate (Cardiac): Yes

B Flow: No

Panoramic Imaging (=Logiq view): NO

Contrast Imaging – Cardiac: No

Contrast Imaging – General Imaging: No

Strain-based Elastography : No

Shear Wave Elastography: No


Abdominal: Yes

Women’s Health Care (GYN & Breast): Yes

OB :Yes

Fetal Echo: Yes

Vascular: Yes

TCD(Transcranial): Yes

Small Parts (Breast, Thyroid, Testis…): Yes

MSK/Anesthesiology :Yes

Pediatrics: Yes

Urology (Renal, Prostate…) :Yes

Echocardiography_Adult: Yes

Interventional Cardiology: No

Echocardiography_Pediatric: Yes

Echocardiography_Neonate: No

Stress Echocardiography: Yes

Transesophageal Echo_Adult: No

Transesophageal Echo_Pediatric : No

Internal Medicine w/ Shared Service: Yes

Surgury: No

Interventional Radiology: No

Contrast Imaging _ General Imaging (Low MI) :

Contrast Imaging _ Cardiac (High or Low MI):

Bowel Imaging: Yes

Strain Elastography: N0

Shear Wave Elastography: No







System Overview

Year Launched: 2010

Estimated Market Price ($): Economy

Monitor (inch): 17″ LCD

Tilt/Rotate Adjustable Monitor: Tiltable

Monitor Resolution: 1280 x 1024

Image Size Resolution :

Touch Screen (Inch): No

Trackball or Trackpad: Trackball

CP Back-Lighting: No


Probe Ports:3

Battery :No

Boot-Up Time:

Sleep Mode (Quick Start): No

Maximum Depth of Field: 30 cm

Minimum Depth of Field: 2 cm

Cart (HCU): No

Independent Steer & Lockable Wheels: Yes


DICOM 3.0: Yes

DICOM SR_Cardiac: No

DICOM SR_Vascular:No



USB :Yes


DVD/CD RW: Yes(External)

Wireless LAN: No

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Refund Policy

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Cancellation / Return / Exchange Policy

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