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CT Thyroid Shield

SKU: MP34236
Committed to fulfilling all radiation protection needs Kiran produces a range of radiation protection shields for localized protection during CT procedures.Our latest innovation these CT radiation protection shields are composed of a proprietary mix of several leadfree elements which help prevent cancer risks and radiation damage to the sensitive tissues of the breast thyroid and eyes.

Designed to provide special protection to the sensitive thyroid gland.Offers thorough protection to the thyroid gland.Prevents tissue damage.One size fits all.
All Kiran shields are disposable onetimeuse shields to prevent bacterial and biological contaminationThe shields can be disposed of in an ecofriendly mannerEach shield coming out of our stateoftheart radiation testing facility is rigorously examined for texture thickness and faultfree protection
Offers 65% protection to the thyroid glandPrevents tissue damageDisposable onetimeuse shield to prevent bacterial and biological contaminationOne size fits all

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Radiation Dose Reduction During CT ScansRadiationLevelRadiationDoseReductionEyeShieldThyroidShieldBreastShieldPediatricShield120kV70%65%67%67%Product SpecificationsColorKhakiMaterialNaturallatexProtectivematerialLeadfreeAzodyesNoneStorageInacooldryplaceQuality ParametersPhysicalproperties100%Visualinspectionformajorandminordefects100%AttenuationLeadequivalenceasperEN13311N5

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