To meter accommodation in real time

PowerRef 3 provides binocular, dynamic measurements of accommodation in sphere, convergence and pupil diameter changes in scotopic, mesopic and photopic conditions. It is an unique accommodation meter that is being used by scientists.

Plusoptix PowerRef3


  • Binocular, dynamic measurements
  • 50 measurements per second
  • Contactless measurement
  • Configurable result screen
  • Integrable to own applications
  • Modular structured system components


  • Measurement of the correlation of vergence and accommodation
  • Determination of peripheral refraction
  • Determination of the correlation of pupil diameter and accommodation
  • Measurement of accommodation response time
  • Measurement of scope of accommodation

Alignment Options

Other than Plusoptix vision screening devices and Plusoptix binocular autorefractors this instrument is not designed for children age 6 months and older. Test person’s head need to be fixed in a chin rest. PowerRef 3 can be located outside of the line of sight by using a hot mirror. This way visual tasks can be offered to a test person in the open field.

Plusoptix PowerRef3 Alignment options


In order to ease a custom, research specific set-up, Plusoptix offers optional auxiliaries (chin rest, hot mirror apparatus, sliding rail with camera adapter, etc.).

Plusoptix offers complimentary training at its Nuremberg/Germany headquarters (airport code NUE). Scientists are welcome to schedule training at their convenience prior to or after taking their purchasing decision.

Plusoptix PowerRef3