For an early detection of vision disorders and media opacities
Plusoptix S12C child friendly measurement with report

The purpose of a Plusoptix vision screening device is to empower Pediatricians, Headstarts, Lions Clubs, and School nurses to detect the most prevalent vision disorders in children as early as possible. The earlier a vision disorder is detected the better it can be treated, and Amblyopia, i.e. a lazy eye, can be prevented.

Plusoptix Vision Screeners use the measuring principle of a transillumination test. Unlike other transillumination tests (e.g. Red Reflex test), Plusoptix devices avoid glare of the patient, by using infrared light. The pupils remain large even without dilation.

Comprehensive vision screening complying with AAP and PBA recommendations

For children from the age of 5 years, instrument-based vision screening in combination with HOTV critical line testing can help improve findings by increasing sensitivity and thus reducing false-negative results.

Children who pass instrument-based vision screening are to perform an HOTV critical line test to meet the requirements of typical state guidelines and best practice. Contact us if you are using a Plusoptix device already!

Plusoptix S12C rear view HOTV new Freisteller
Transillumination test Freisteller 01
Saving time in your daily routine
  • Quick assessment of children that need to see an eye doctor immediately
  • Pupil zoom feature for enhanced transillumination (Red Reflex test or Bruckner Test)
  • CSV interface for full integration to your EMR system (automated patient data import, -export and measurement report printing)
  • Automatic printing using the free software “plusoptiXconnect”
  • Measurement can easily be performed by an assistant
The missing piece for AAP compliance and reimbursement options

Evidence-based vision screening with Plusoptix meets the guidelines of the 2016 AAP Policy statement “Visual Assessment in Infants, Children, and Young Adults by Pediatricians” and is eligible for CPT Code 99177 reimbursement.

Plusoptix Puzzleteile nur CPT Freisteller

plusoptiX S16 – Stationary Vision Screener

Designed for stationary use in one exam room.

  • Connected to electricity
    It is always operational and can’t be misplaced or “disappear” easily.
  • Internal patient database
    For up to 100,000 data records with the possibility to upload rosters.
  • CSV interface for full integration to your EMR system
    For automated patient data import, -export and measurement report printing.
  • DVI monitor interface
    Can be connected to a monitor for a convincing presentation to the patient.
  • Documentation options
    Measurement results can be documented electronically or on paper.
  • Free software updates and Plusoptix hassle-free warranty
    Covers even dropping the device; Europe and US only
Plusoptix S16 front view with ball