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Medpick’s team of trained expert Biomedical Engineers offers quality-assured oxygen concentrator repair and maintenance services to hospitals, Individuals, Covid Centres and other healthcare facilities Pan India.
Even though most oxygen concentrators are sturdy, they still need to be cared for correctly. Regular cleaning and maintenance will go a long way to getting the best performance and prolonging its life. After all, an oxygen concentrator is an expensive investment in medical equipment.

General Service for Oxygen Concentrator

Our Team of Experts will provide you with the following services included in the General Service

  1. Dismantling the Oxygen Concentrator to check for Internal functions and Hardware
  2. Check for the Sound and functioning of the device
  3. Internal wiring Assessments and Troubleshooting
  4. Oxygen Purity check with High end Medical grade testing Equipment
  5. Pressure check for the Oxygen Flow in the Device
  6. Diagnosis of Heating issues if Present
  7. Assessing the efficiency of the filters and check if it has to be replaced
  8. Provide 6 months Warranty for the General service done

Price – 1999 + 18% GST

If you are a Hospital or have more than 5 pieces to service please contact 9790072534 or contact@medpick.in to get customized and discounted Quotation

Oxygen Concentrator Repair and Service

Maintenance checks and repairs are done on time having our dedicated engineering workshop for fast effective turn around. Even if you have purchased elsewhere we are here to help you out. Our services include AMC’s, CMC’s and Quote to repair. This is done on any unit where the engineer estimates the cost to fix the unit in question This enables all customers the option to go ahead with repairs or not.

We service both static stationary and portable oxygen concentrators, thus meaning……… there isn’t a device we don’t know how to fix quickly and efficiently.

Why Choose Us

Instant Response

Our dedicated team focuses on providing instant servicing & repair without compromising the quality of the equipment.

Sourcing OEM Parts

Medpick orders any oxygen concentrator machine/part directly from the manufacturer at most times.

Transparent Pricing

We offer you a Quote with the exact prices to ensure transparency in your requirements.

24/7 Customer Support

Need Help? Have any questions? Write to us at contact@medpick.in and we will respond to you at the earliest.

What We Offer

Multiple Brand Servicing

Multiple Brand Servicing

Our engineers are ready for the repair and installation of all major Oxygen Concentrator brands such as Philips, Owgels, Devilbiss, Jay model series, DedakJ, BPL, Jumao, other chinese OEM makes etc

Repair of Ultrasound machine Parts

Repair of Oxygen Concentrator machine Parts

Repair, not Replace. Every oxygen concentrator engineer with us provides services for oxygen concentrator parts including Filters, Humidifier bottles, Compressor accessories, power supplies etc

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

We provide a thorough cleaning, diagnostic checkups, and functionality maintenance via preventive maintenance services to keep your oxygen concentrator machines and parts running smoothly for longer periods of time.

Spare Parts

Did you Know:

Average working condition
of equipment in Hospitals
is only 30%




Hospital Asset Management Tool


Maintain & Manage your Hospital Assets

Access the complete database of hospital equipment at various departments of your organization.

AMC Services

Schedule repair and maintenance services for your devices whenever necessary, with our team of trained technicians at your service.

Warranty Extension

Your asset is closer to its warranty expiry limit? No worries! With Vajra, you can now extend the warranty of your devices as and when needed.

VAJRA can help your organization maintain a digital database of hospital equipment from every department, in addition to scheduling service and repair of any of these devices, all at the click of a button.


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