Ortho Suit

Ortho Suit for Orthopedic and Physiotherapy Patients

Our first-to-the-market ortho suit (Patent pending) is best suited for Orthopedic patients and Physiotheraphy patients.

Ortho suits is used by Orthopedic patients with surgeries / injuries on shoulders, elbows, arms, hips, waists, upper leg and lower leg.

It is also used by Physiotherapy patients undergoing various physio treatments, icing treatments, doctors examination.

Our unique Ortho Suit addresses the three key pain points of Orthopedic & Physiotherapy patients :

The key features and benefits of this ortho-suit are listed below:

  • Ortho-suit is made of smart fabric that reacts to environmental conditions and adjusts its resistance – thus in colder environments like hospital units, ortho centers, physio centers, it helps to maintain body temperature
  • Ortho-suit is sweat absorbent and is comfortable to wear in tropical weather


  • The zippers are strategically placed on the top and bottom to provide a renewed sense of dignity and normalcy to the wearer and easy accessibility to doctors and healthcare staff. There is no need to fully undress during post surgery recovery , physical therapy treatments, icing, and doctor examinations. It also makes dressing easier for caregivers and less painful for patients
  • Ortho Suits easily accomodate slings, casts, immobilizers, shoulder bandages, knee braces, ankle braces, boots and external fixation devices


  • It is anti-viral and kills the viruses including Human Coronavirus; thus protecting the patients against covid-19 viruses
  • It is anti-bacterial treated and kills the bacteria; thus reduces the risk of cross-infections
  • The anti-bacterial efficacy remains for more than 60 commercial washes and the ortho-suit has a long life
  • Ortho-suit does not need special handling, and can be hand-washed / machine-washed