For an early detection of media opacities and abnormal reflexes
Plusoptix Ophthalmoscopes Freisteller

Plusoptix offers monocular and binocular ophthalmoscopes with a large examination range for pediatricians, opticians and optometrists. Through photo documentation of the pupil, which is illuminated with infrared light, it enables a quick, but above all relaxed examination for media opacities or abnormal reflexes.

Photo documentation

After starting the Plusoptix device, the pupil is illuminated with infrared light and a photo of the pupils is saved on the connected storage medium. The images can be assessed without time pressure and saved in the patient file for documentation.

Plusoptix screenshots


The device shows the images of the illuminated pupil, which enables easy analysis.

Plusoptix Ophthalmoscopes 1
Plusoptix Ophthalmoscopes 2