One Stop E-Shop - Get All Your Medical Supplies in One Place!

One Stop E-Shop – Get All Your Medical Supplies in One Place! Leave a comment

How long have you had to wait to procure the equipment in need? Or has there been times when the equipment you receive after a long wait isn’t satisfactorily standard enough?

Medpick, an online medical device store, is your knight in shining armor. 
Not just pharmaceutical supplies, you can buy online medical equipment too, on this platform. 

We at Medpick are a MedTech company, that eliminates the scope of intermediaries and connects hospitals directly to the medical supply manufacturers.

How did we initiate? 

Somebody noticed. The two founders, Dr.Ranjit Makam and Dr. Soujanya Parvataneni, were practicing back in 2016 when they came across the gaps in the healthcare sector. Modern technology was not efficiently used to anchor a simpler supply chain and automate the procurement process. 

The result was unavoidable: Lost revenue and increased inefficiency in supply procurement; which in turn led to expensive treatment, wastage of supplies and poor hospital management inventory. 

To get rid of such issues at hand, they both sat down and after a hectic brainstorming session, they formed a core team to establish a foundation for Medpick. 

The team went on to develop a platform and collaborated with manufacturers, distributors, hospitals, pharmacies. We moved the procurement process to the marketplace, made it transparent and called it – Medpick.

What does Medpick do?

It is an e-portal or a website in India, where you can procure online medical equipment. In short, it is an online medical device store. 

Conventionally speaking, the hospital procurement staff needed to buy medical equipment and supplies through middlemen and the extra steps made the whole procurement procedure tedious and exhausting. Moreover, the supply system lacked transparency in prices.

Medpick was a one-stop solution for every one of the problems. 

 Medpick moves procurement to a marketplace where purchases can be automated without contractual obligations. Hospitals and other healthcare organizations can buy medical equipment and devices without going through any middle-doers. 

How does it operate?

As soon as an order is placed in Medpick for any medical equipment, the manufacturer of the product will be contacted from our end, and we will procure the product at quite competitive prices. You can track your order 24 x 7 to know its status, and check for updates now and then. 

You get the benefits of 100% transparency, reasonable price range, and 24×7 customer service. What more can you ask for?

Perks of Medpick :- 

  1. On-time delivery:– Medpick discards any conventional contractual ways and prevents the intervention of intermediaries, resulting in the on-time delivery of products. This is ensured by our procurement team. 
  2. Quality:- The products we procure are always from authentic, registered leading manufacturers. The products are rigorously scrutinized before being released for delivery. Hence, the quality is very negligibly compromised. 
  3. Transparency:- We have a completely transparent process which is beneficial for the hospitals and manufacturer. Our online medical device store works round the clock for the benefit of health care experts. Our prices for the online medical equipment are extremely low and competitive since we deal directly with the manufacturers.

Apart from being an online medical supply site, we also help retail pharmacies grow and put a strong foot in the online market, amidst the online pharmacy stores. For this, we have a revolutionary product called MedBox

Medpick helps you to reduce supply chain costs and pass on the savings to invest in primary patient care. With us, healthcare accessibility to the people would be so much easier.

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