Simple and safe nasal foreign body extractor



Nasal Foreign Bodies (NFB) in children are a common occurrence in India with over 20 million cases each year. In urban areas, these cases are attended to by experienced ENT Surgeons.

In rural areas, however, referral pathways to ENTs are often not available, thus requiring GPs or Paediatricians to handle such cases. These physicians often lack the tools to perform the procedure safely and effectively.

The result is a 70% failure rate in the first removal attempt and the ensuing clinical complications often require referral to larger hospitals.



Noxeno is a simple, easy-to-use medical device designed specifically for the easy, safe and quick removal of anterior nasal foreign bodies (NFBs) in children.

With LED-based enhanced visualization, a spring-loaded hinge for safe and easy use, and a modular design that allows for sterilisation and re-use, Noxeno is designed to allow medical professionals of all skill and experience levels to quickly and safely remove NFBs at the first point of care. The device was developed in partnership with the Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India.


Noxeno is a safe and simple NFB extractor that can be effectively operated by physicians of all skill levels.

The key technology features are:

    • Simple, two-step assembly with modular design
    • Ergonomic, single-handed use
    • Integrated LED light for visualisation
    • Optimal tip design with size, shape, and strength validated through extensive testing
    • Modular design allows for sterilisation of the extractor assembly for safe reuse
    • Disposable sterile sheath to reduce trauma and mucosal injury

Noxeno is European CE certified