NAVIOS is a computer based, workflow assistance solution, for CT guided percutaneous ablation procedures. With comprehensive and integrated modules for image visualization, procedure planning and visualization of intra and post procedure images registered with plan image, NAVIOS facilitates efficient planning and visualization of such procedures and seamless integration of the same into the procedure workflow.


Integrated visualisation and treatment planning platform for Interventional Oncology therapies

  • Segment one or more volumes of Interest, identify no-go regions define tumor margins
  • Target tumor, with upto 6 probes, on 2D/ 3D image
  • Visualize and edit estimated ablation volumes*
  • Perform intra-operative registration toverify probe placement and adapt subsequent plan(s), If needed
  • Register post-operative and pre-operative organ images
  • Verify if volume within tumor margin is ablated fully, extend treatment if needed
  • Generate patient reports to document procedure
  • Image registration may be used to monitor tumor progression during follow-up visits
  • Works with all DICOM 3 CT images
  • Organ specialist workilow packages for liver, lung & renal ablation
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  • Pre-operative image registration
  • Tools for volumetric visualization and segmentation of multiple VOI
  • Multi-probe planning for one or more targets
  • Customized Ablation volume for various probes and clinical scenarios.
  • Quick trajectory planning using Oblique view tool
  • Multi-Energy Simulation for segmented tumor to choose the best energy source.
  • Quick parallel probe planning by defining distance and direction.
  • Offline planning using prior CT image and import the plan to current CT image during procedure.
  • Ability to perform compound angle probe planning
  • Tools for post procedure verification


  • Clinicians are better able to plan interventional oncology procedures with the help of NAVIO’ visualization and planning software, then successfully perform the procedure.
  • Hospitals are looking for efficiency and it’s the goal of NAVIO to make interventional procedures faster and more predictable, a key challenge to scheduling of the CT suite.
  • Patients deserve access to life-saving treatments that are safe and effective. NAVIOS strives to reduce the potential for unintended organ damage due to repeat punctures and is likely to reduce the need for repeat scans which would mean less radiation exposure for the patient.