Medpick:- A collective platform to sell all your medical products

The healthcare sector has incorporated new and advanced technologies and consequently, medical equipment sales have turned out to be a lucrative business. Acquiring the right supplies at the right time is of utmost importance for any healthcare institution.

But an even more tough challenge is for a medical equipment supplier to have technologies that are clinically proven and better than your competitors, but not enough visibility to expose them. Having the best product is of no use if most people don’t know of it.

Where you’re selling, and how you sell it, makes all the difference. It is, thus, important to know where to sell medical equipment’s online.

What are the key factors affecting your sales?

a. Product Credibility:- Your presence on a website will not only establish the credibility of your product and the brand but also describes some detailed information on your product. Buyers love that.

b. Payment Schedules:- For a swift and uninterrupted supply chain, immediate cash flow is a requirement, which unfortunately doesn’t happen at most times due to very long payment schedules.

c. Limited Visibility:- If your market penetration is high, your products get more visibility. But if very fewer people know you, the flow of order gets affected. Irregular orders hamper the revenue and a lot of damage is caused to the cash flow.

Medpick:- A One-Stop Solution for an efficient Supply Chain

Medpick is an online B2B MedTech company that helps hospitals and pharmacies to buy medical supplies, as well as suppliers to sell their medical products. It provides full access for suppliers to name your products and receive confirmed orders from the network of hospitals, pharmacies, and laboratories partnered with Medpick.

But first, let us look into the advantages that follow if your products sell on Medpick.

Why Sell on Medpick?

Healthcare is crucial. And if you’re a part of the healthcare supply chain, so are your sales.

The more traffic you can target, the larger your sales are. Medpick ensures you have both. Once you start to sell on Medpick, you enjoy the benefits of

1. Instant Payments:- For uninterrupted medical supplies to reach your customers, Medpick assures instant payments after product delivery. This way, the supply chain doesn’t lag behind and there are more orders that can be met in a less amount of time.

2. Know your customers:- With Medpick’s market penetration tactics such as the Asthra Mobile app, you can keep a track of where you’re selling and to whom you’re selling. Additionally, there is an option of free customer support that allows you to connect with your consumers during or after order delivery.

3. Consistency in Order Flow:- Your visibility is not limited anymore. On Medpick, numerous consumers such as hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, etc. all over the world can see your products on the website and learn about them before procuring. This establishes trust between the buyer and you, thus increasing the chances of a continuous flow of orders.

4. Marketing and Promotions:- The digital marketing platform on Medpick, starting from email marketing to social media campaigns, ensures that your product is reaching the desired lot; without you needing to invest separately on any sort of marketing.

Boost up your sales this new decade!

With Medpick’s help, you can enjoy the benefits of continuous orders flowing in from Hospitals and extensive sales traffic for your medical products.

What are you waiting for? Sell on Medpick today and gather profits like never before!

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