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Medical Gloves and its types

The foremost purpose of a medical glove is to act as a protective barrier and prevent any possible transmission of diseases between patients and healthcare providers during examination or surgical procedures. 

There are two main types of Disposable Medical Gloves based on their area of function– Examination, and Surgical.

  1. Examination Gloves:- These are most commonly used by caregivers and healthcare providers to shield themselves from the risks of contamination during an examination or procedure. They come at low costs and are very useful during unsanitary conditions. 
  2. Surgical Gloves:- On the other hand, surgeons and OT nurses wear advanced surgical gloves, which come in specific sizes and are specially designed for precision and sensitivity.

Medical gloves are further categorized based on their material– Nitrile, Latex, and Vinyl.

    1. Latex Gloves:- As per its name,they are made from Latex.

Some of its features are as under:- Comfortable and best Fit

      1. Comfortable and best Fit
      2. Highly Durable & Flexible
      3. Highly sensitive to touch.
      4. Preferred by Examiners as well as Surgeons
      5. Restricted for those with latex allergies.
      6. Mid-Range Barrier Protection
    1. Vinyl Gloves:- These gloves are mostly made from raw synthetic polymers such as Poly Vinyl Chloride(PVC). They have features such as
      1. High Value at an affordable cost
      2. Has Standard Barrier Protection
      3. Soft and Comfortable
      4. Latex-free material
      5. Less Durability
      6. Lower sensitivity.
    2. Nitrile Gloves:- They are synthetic gloves that exhibit rubber-like characteristics.

Specific features:-

    1. Protein and latex-free.
    2. High-barrier protection, mostly from chemical exposure.
    3. Resistant to Punctures.
    4. Used in Examination Procedures.


Gloves on Medpick 

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