LIFAair  LM99 High performance protective mask

New age of mask technology  – Be Protected

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LIFAair LM99 Classification

Reaches easily the GB A-level protection
GB/T 32610-2016《Daily protective mask technical specifications》

Protection level 
Class A

Filtration efficiency 
Filtration efficiency 98 % according to standard test

EZ Breathing • Easier Exhaling

The unique design of one-way exhaling valve reduces dramatically exhaling resistance
Improved comfortability

National standard 


Inhale resistance ≤ 75Pa (standard requirements ≤ 175Pa)
Exhale resistance ≤ 25Pa (standard requirements ≤ 145Pa)
Both inhale and exhale resistance are significantly above the requirements

ComFitable • Professional

Designed following facial bone anatomy
Fits to Your face comfortably

 Convenient Sealing

Soft cloth fits comfortable and prevents leakages
Everyday comfort with smooth finishing

 Nasal supporting structure

Fits firmly with adjustable tip
Can be used with glasses without fogging

ProTechtive • Protection

Quadruple filtration, with efficiency greater than 98%

How to wear

Recommended time for wearing masks in extreme conditions