InstaEcho Solution

Echocardiogram Reporting
Helping Doctors Save Lives

Technology and Medical Expertise Combining for Quick and Accurate
Echocardiogram Interpretation and Reporting

InstaEcho Solution


The InstaEcho echocardiogram reporting solution helps doctors with quick and accurate echocardiogram diagnosis. A detailed, digitally certified report is given within a 3-4 hours of the test, and that helps in reducing the treatment time and saving critical lives. The reporting is done though Tricog’s expert medical team aided by advanced AI algorithms.

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InstaEcho Solution – Offering

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Detailed, accurate, premium quality echocardiogram reports

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Reports are ready with a response time of 3-4 hours

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Customer Portal and VCardia Mobile App to access all reports

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Cardiologist certified reporting done by Tricog’s medical team

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Scale up your echocardiogram offering to its potential

InstaEcho Solution – How it Works

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Physician/Physician Assistant performs the echocardiogram

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Patient details are confirmed before upload

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The data is uploaded to the Tricog Cloud which pre-processes it

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Tricog’s medical team diagnoses the echocardiogram

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Report is ready to be viewed; Patient also receives their report

InstaEcho Solution – Reports

Reports available for view on the VCardia Mobile Application, Customer Portal, as well as a full PDF download. All reports contain patient data, observations, and final impressions.

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  • Radiologist/Sonologist (or a Physician/Physician Assistant) to perform the ECHO Study
  • ECHO machine with DICOM Compatibility/DICOM export support
  • Latest version Windows PC to install the Software
  • Broadband internet connection – Minimum of 1MBPS