InstaECG is Tricog’s flagship product that has made the aim of saving lives a reality. It is a cloud-connected device that makes the interpretation and analysis of an ECG report quick and easy. With the InstaECG, patients can receive the Cardiologist Certified ECG reports within 10 minutes.

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InstaECG – Offering

Instant, certified ECG report within 10 minutes
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Subscription model for ECG Machines with high quality reporting
24 X 7 available specialist team
On Mobile Report through Email and Tricog Mobile App
Scale up your ECG offering to its potential

InstaECG – How it Works

Patient Walks in and the ECG is taken
ECG is automatically sent to Tricog
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The report is diagnosed and sent back
Report available on the mobile app, SMS, and email
call alert
Receive a call alert for critical cases

InstaECG – Reports

Reports available for view on the VCardia Mobile Application, Customer Portal, as well as a full PDF download. All reports contain patient data, observations, and final impressions.

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