InPen helps solve common MDI challenges​

For the first time, InPen offers tracking and decision support to MDI patients.​

Missing 2 doses per week can lead to an increase in A1c of up to 0.4%1

2/3 of people need help calculating their doses and 60% of doses are stacked2-4

Lack of accurate dosing data is a barrier to optimizing glycemic control5

The use of a bolus calculator is associated with a 0.7-1.0% reduction in A1c6-8

Finally, a system that makes life easier for you and your patients​

Advanced tracking and algorithms, along with intuitive reports, tell you and your patients more about their MDI therapy than ever before.​

Full visibility of patient data

Patients can share their InPen data with you at any time. See when and how much your patients are dosing, and get full visibility into their blood glucose and carb intake. At their next appointment, you can collaborate and identify new ways to achieve their goals.

Clear data, better patient outcomes

Data can make treatment more time-intensive, but InPen reports do the interpretation for you. They’re easy to read and reveal all the information you need to make decisions.

Intuitive, affordable decision support

InPen helps MDI users take the right amount of insulin at the right time, thanks to real-time tracking and decision support.

  • Tracks active insulin
  • Reminds user to dose
  • Calculates personalized doses
  • Automatically logs doses
  • Syncs with CGMs and glucose meters

How it works

Advanced tracking inside the pen and an intuitive app experience help to ease the daily diabetes grind. Dose with the smart pen and rely on the app to track your data, get personalized recommendations, and keep an eye on your active insulin throughout the day.

Smart pen

    • Lasts a full year with no need to charge
    • Delivers half-unit doses
    • Compatible with Novolog®, Humalog®, and Fiasp®
    • Monitors insulin temperature
    • Connects to the app via Bluetooth