HOSPITAL Healthcare is changing, be a part of it! We are capable to supply standardized medical equipment to hospitals. Medpick always chooses the patients well being over anything. Through Medpick, hospitals get access to new and refurbished medical devices and equipment from both foreign and domestic markets. Market Place
from source
Installation &
Advanced Security
for your equipments
MANUFACTURER A New Platform to help you improve your Business. Manufacturers and suppliers spend a huge amount on marketing products to hospitals and laboratories. They lack the right strategies, thus more opportunities are lost. Medpick assists them to sell their products on our platform, helping them to be lean and efficient supply chain. Help reduce
marketing spend
Process payments,
deliver data driven
inputs to improve sales
Increase customer
base by generating
new leads
RETAIL PHARMACIES We prevent the takeover of your business by E-commerce
giants and help you transform state-of-the-art.
The rise of online pharmacies has blown a hole in the retail medicine business. Especially today when cost and competition are very high. Medpick enables the local pharmacies to do business with ease. Medpick connects all the local pharmacies to receive prescriptions from customers through our Mobile App. Increase customer
footfall through
Medpick mobile app
Access to reports
assisting your
Medpick wholesale app
helps pharmacies to
procure from suppliers
Avail business credit
for all purchases made
through Medpick from
our financial partners.
DISTRIBUTORS Get your bills paid on time through our financial partners... India’s medical markets are expanding rapidly. Not only are medical device distribution becoming hard, but they are also forced to maintain an imbalance in stock houses. Medpick has the ability to help medical-device distributors to sell your products at ease, by aiding the supply chain with insights regarding the client’s consuming habits. Medpick also processes the payments as soon as the product is delivered ,and market the products through pharmacy networks. Market their products
through Our
network pharmacies
Access to medpick
mobile application to
reach new customers
Process payments through
our financial partners -
No need to wait for receipts
DIAGNOSTIC LABORATORIES Providing You Health Care Equipments
at Affordable Cost.
Medpick prides itself on channeling India’s finest fully automated laboratory equipments. We provide cutting-edge original laboratory machinery and Rapid test-kits. Our focus is on providing quality products at affordable costs.
REFURBISHED SELLER Our Quality to Price ratio is one of the
Best Available in the Market.
Associating leading dealer of medical equipment and customers through our platform. Medpick offers a flexible and economical alternative to the OEM solutions in the form of high quality refurbished equipment. Every product we supply is genuine and, is restored by trained technical staff.

We identified problems and challenged ourselves to develop solutions. ABOUT US While Soujanya and Ranjit were practicing patient care in hospitals they noticed something significant. Technology was not being leveraged to simplify the supply chain and automate procurement. Gaps in the procurement process resulted in lost revenue and inefficiency. This translated to expensive treatment, wastage, and poor inventory management for hospitals. Meanwhile, they found that hospitals & pharmacies in USA had well-structured supply chain. Tools were optimized to automate and simplify procurement process. It resulted in efficient medical treatment and reduced cancellations due to product unavailability. Increase in revenue in comparison to those using traditional methods. This felt like such lost opportunity. Finally, after many brainstorming sessions we teamed up with Narotam and our nerds to build Medpick. Businesses want to increase revenue and remain competitive. They wanted to make treatment affordable. It was time to give access to tools which can make this happen. We developed a platform and collaborated with manufacturers, distributors, hospitals and pharmacies.Moved the procurement process to marketplace and made it transparent. We called it, Medpick In 2016,

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